Machete – Sense Of Outer Life


Although he is quite a fresh face in the Melbourne techno community, Machete (Anthony Michetti) has so far excelled at landing numerous techno gigs left right and centre across Melbourne, including being invited to play several events curated by the infamous Green Fetish Records.

His biggest achievement to date is his work with techno/tech-house collective:
Arteq Productions.
A crew of four close friends, all either DJ’s or producers, Arteq has been making waves all over the city with a slew of successful parties under their belt – including the “Arteq invades Revolver” series at the Prahran-based Revolver Upstairs.
In coming month, Arteq will see the celebration of their very first birthday being held at Scratch Warehouse on the 16th of April.

Machete’s latest release, Sense of Outer Life , combines a range of production techniques from a variety of techno sub-genres which results in a very creative and truly unique composition; and although the whole work maintains a rather tech-house vibe keen listeners can easily hear inspirations from both dub, atmospheric and minimal techno styles throughout its entirety.

Deep and warm synth pads rise and fall in the mid-background where they are occasionally enveloped by backing atmospheric sounds and recurring dub-delayed synth stabs which are washed heavily in lush reverb. The focal elements are comprised of a couple repeating synthesizer sequences – the kick and percussions aren’t heavily in foreground but they are incredibly crisp, sharp and clean. The synths are bleeping staccato creations that rise and fall in relation to the pads, atmosphere and each other, and, whilst at times may be seemingly random; upon every new listen they sound increasingly well placed, deliberate and unified.
The composition demonstrates clever use of delays (digital and ping-pong), reverbs and careful programming has gone into the volume levels for individual notes in every pattern: yielding a less mechanical and more human vibe. I notice I can hear a lot of musical and stylistic influences from dub techno in many different segments of this tune every time I’ve listened back to it.

Sense of Outer Life really delivers on its name, it gives a spacey and ethereal vibe upon listening. It’s cleanly produced, intelligently combining aspects from a variety of different sub-genres; and what’s most important; it’s incredibly unique.


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