Ninoosh x Ok Sure – Palms


Palms is the first release from Ninoosh (Anya Trybala) – an electronic artist and vocalist who is now based in Sweden after moving from her hometown of Melbourne, Australia a couple of months ago. Both the Original and Remix are being released on Anya’s own record label, Synth Babe Records, which she launched in late 2015 to showcase and release a wide range of high quality compositions from female producers and artists situated worldwide.

The track is a velvety rich combination of both acoustic and electronic sounds that come together to form a really dreamy yet somber vibe. The depth and richness of Palms gives it a feeling that’s very reminiscent of part late night piano bar and part mid-Sunday lazy afternoon chillout song.

Containing elements from lots of various musical genres such as shoegaze, ambient and jazz: Palms begins slowly with some warm sounding organ chords, soulful jazz inspired trumpet melodies and bright, ethereal bells.

Anya’s breathy vocals on Palms are striking, ethereal and the standout element of the track, as she adds a further sense of moody, almost haunting, atmosphere with her singing – which combines magnificently to the overall lush, reverb heavy instrumental segments and jazzy percussion.

The Remix:

Heading up the remix duties for Palms is Melbourne based producer, Ok Sure (Akaysha Rose Davey). Since the start of 2009, Ok Sure has been releasing waves and waves of electronic tracks and DJing at numerous Melbourne nightclubs.

However, her primary focus is her unique live performances. By using a mixture of grooveboxes, Ableton Live with the Ableton Push controller and synthesizers: she compliments her act by singing and vocalizing over the top of her rhythms and melodies – setting her apart from a lot of other live electronic acts in Melbourne.

The Ok Sure remix (radio edit version) of Palms starts off with Anya’s original vocal, this time with extra reverb and delay, and a slowly rising, saturated and very glitchy electro-styled synthesizer pattern – with some of the original piano notes lying in the foreground but deeply adorn in reverb. Akaysha makes a lot of use of tying in atmospheric backing in her remix, utilizing delays and reverbs throughout to deepen the effect of the original vocal track.

If the Ninoosh vocals sound ethereal, they sound positively celestial in this remix.

After the breakdown, funky swung drum percussion drives forward in unison to a futuristic synthesizer riff that has a somewhat acid feel to it. Akaysha has her own sublime, angelic vocals sitting firmly in the background of this otherwordly sound stage – hauntingly beautiful, yet subtle enough not to take away too much attention from Anya’s original ones.

Around 2 minutes in, prominent and striking piano chords thrive on in the background as every other element of the track work together in harmony: creating a rather nice interplay of warm, rich sounds and dubby, atmospheric ambience with sparkling high-end frequency flavouring over the top. This interplay continues until the end of the track, slowly reducing in elemental complexity and gradually runs out to a harmonic contrast of just vocals, piano and drums.

You can also view the music video for Palms on youtube here:
Palms Music Video

Both the original and remix are fantastic compositions, you can expect to hear many more quality releases from Synth Babe Records as 2016 unfolds!



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