April Top New Releases Chart

April Chart Cover 2016

Stepping into Autumn here in Australia we’re starting to feel a small change in the dance clubs where day parties are moving from the outdoors to the indoors and the weekend agenda isn’t looking just as crazy busy as our summer has been. In saying that there are still big international acts coming every week and good reasons to get out and listen to your favourite local DJs. It’s great to see local crews pulling together awesome parties with their own resident DJs and local guest appearances and pulling some great crowds. 

So let’s take a look back at April’s Top New Releases within techno, tech house and minimal styled genres. The number one given spot has gone to KiNK’s remix of Sven Väth’s track ‘Accident In Paradise’. An already good track that is taken to yet another acid ecstasy level. A rolling 606 bass melody along with thumping kicks and shaking hats accompanied by a impressive  string instruments. Second place goes to another remix made by Charlotte de Witte on Ben Long’s track ‘The Solver’ released on Bulletdodge Records. A dark, pulsating and tension-building song that would work great during midnight to kick up the dance floor to the next stage.

Danny Fontana - Fireball (Spartaque Remix)

Spartaque also did a great remix of Danny Fontana’s ‘Fireball’ on Ukrainian label IAMT. This is a mean one with unforgiving bassline and exciting percussion loops and big room reverb. Next up is a release called Whistele on Tekkore by Pepote. This seems to be a re-release so perhaps not technically new, but I think it deserves a spot in the chart list anyways. The groovy tech house beats along with a boppy lead melody and mesmerizing hi-hats makes up this great production.

On the 5th slot we have Adan Mor with ‘The Trip’ released on Noise Music, which is a somber techy tune with a deep and pumping bass. Carlo Ruetz released his EP ‘RAW 009’on KD RAW where the second track ‘Excess’ took the 6th spot on the chart list. Carlo has created some sick beats together with electrifying hits and ticking elements.


Skober is one of my favourite producers at the moment, getting his ‘Keep Calling’ track on the 7th place this month. He’s a master of build ups and heavy bass drops as you will discover in this thumping techno creation! L Neils released a 12″ called Puzzlebox on Black Opal, and the first A-side track has to get a slot on this list too. It’s a nice, dreamy and ambient track with minimal beats and steady percussion hits and moaning stringy sounds.

On our second last spot there’s the Brussel based GoldFFinch’s track ‘Shape’ on Turbo Recordings with a nice clap and kick combination along with a trippy and hypnotic melody. Last but not least we have a Boiler Room debuted track from Ghost Culture named ‘Safe’ on Erol Alkan’s label Phantasy Sound. Together with an emotional bass line and exhilarating notes it makes up to a great dance inducing occasion.

Listen to the full chart list below:

Tracks list:

1. Sven Väth ‘Accident In Paradise’ (KiNK remix)
2. Ben Long – The Solver (Charlotte de Witte Remix)
3. Danny Fontana – Fireball (Spartaque Remix)
4. Pepote – Whistle
5. Adan Mor – The Trip
6. Carlo Ruetz – Excess
7. Skober – Keep Calling
8. L Neils – Puzzlebox
9. GoldFFinch – Shape
10. Ghost Culture – Safe

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