Glenn Smith aka Sublym has a slant on composing DJ sets that derives from early 2000’s trance, hard energy and deep house with earlier musical influences ranging from the brash aggression of Megadeth to the dark and gothic tones of The Cure. His aural experience has been brought into the current sphere of tech, deep house and techno to create a driving, energising and emotional soundscape.

His trademark sound has a focus on brooding basslines, haunting synth sections, sensual vocal hooks and ethereal backdrops all infused into an infectious techno and house beat. A relative newcomer to the market and a passionate supporter of the underground music scene, Sublym has worked with Melbourne’s Equal Dose and White Noise Music so far with his sights set on a future of entertaining and captivating audiences that share his love for electronic music.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Whilst travelling around Australia in my mid-twenties I landed a job in Broome Western Australia as a Home Help Worker. The job itself was pretty chill; driving Broome locals to the shops, helping old people get their groceries and do their banking, that kind of thing.

One day I was assigned the task of cleaning the house of one of the town elder’s. Broome is a hot place, in summer it’s real hot. So of course, I turn up for work to what I thought was an average house clean and tidy in shorts, a T-shirt and flip-flops. I knock on the door and a voice from the depths hollers “Come on in!”.

I open the door into the dimly lit room and proceed to walk in to the hall. I begin to hear crunch, crunch, crunch as I walk. I look down at my feet and as my eyes slowly adjust to the light it dawns on me where the noise is coming from. Hundreds of cockroaches and other unnameable bugs litter the floor scattering this way and that. Turns out I had been helping to cull the numbers of these little critters with the soles of my flip-flops.

I make my way into the kitchen and things are worse. Old rotten meat is draped all along the bench tops and in the sink like out of some sort of horror flick, it too full of a variety of jittering bugs and insects. I won’t go into more detail only to say that this general theme continued throughout the house and besides the sickening stench I remember the thought that kept returning to my mind “I should have worn my fucken Blunnies!”

What’s your favourite label and why?

Natura Sonoris.

In 2011 I discovered a track by Henry Saiz & Guy J remixed by Pryda called “Meridian” during a Beatport browsing session. I still play this track on occasion for the effect it has on me. After this discovery I followed Guy and Henry’s work. I drifted from Guy J’s work and continued to follow Henry Saiz through his epic live sets and his mind-blowing Labyrinth series on Soundcloud. The creation of his Natura Sonoris label ensures I keep up with his releases and has also exposed other great artists work to me including Damabiah, Brassica, Clarian and more recently Zombies in Miami. I find Sonoris’ style a unique take on deep, tech, indie house and techno grouping together some really exciting producers. Though turnover of new tunes is slow, it continues to send me on an adventure whenever I browse it for new music.

What’s your Motto?

I guess for most people it changes with age. In my twenties it would have gone something like;

“Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse.”

Have a listen to Sublyme’s dark, techy and energetic mini-mix as the first episode of our 4th Kontrast Mini-Mix Series. 

KONTRAST is a collective of creative spirits who loves to combine raw sounds, dark, thumping beats and intense, edgy musical experiences with extraordinary visual elements in an experimental and innovative way. We want to build something new, colourful and unforgettable and to explore how sounds, shapes and visual imprints together can create something bigger than ourselves, and a different state of mind. The fourth series of the KONTRAST mini-mix series will run from June 1st to 22nd, and there will be an exclusive podcast from each artist with a short interview to get to know them better.

Mini-Mix Series #4:

#4.1 – June 1 – Sublym
#4.2 – June 8 – Broken Spires
#4.3 – June 15 – Edward Richards
#4.4 – June 22 – Mish’Chief

To learn more about KONTRAST Collective check out their Facebook Page. Listen to the previous mini-mix series on their Soundcloud.

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