La Famiglia Recordings – Label Spotlight

There is a huge amount of music out there these days, and the best part, the quality is ever growing. La Famiglia Recordings is a record label based in Montreal and created by Marciano (Italy) trying to seek out and deliver the best talent in electronic music world and especially in the world of techno.


After living here in Montreal for almost 2 years, the techno scene is underground, loyal, and extremely specific to a quality like none other. This label stands out among the best local labels and parties. Marciano (Italy) has been a resident of the very prestigious afterhour club, Stereo Montreal, for many years now, opening for legends of the techno world and then becoming a headliner on many occasions. La Famiglia recordings has also organized very successful events in other locations in town bringing artists like Gary Beck, Mladen Tomic, Irregular Synth, Etai Tarazi and Layton Giordani, working with internationally known companies like Piknic Electronic, Igloofest and La Bacchanale.

Now more to the label itself, it’s an independent label created in 2013. The aim was to mark the international scene with a researched production and different sonorities. They release one EP a month with both local and international artists. By 2014, the label grew to a level that required more people to jump on board, Karl Chulo joined forces becoming Marciano’s partner and the manager of the label. Since then, the label has expanded its territory, hired more members, and changed its image.

You can find them on their website, Facebook, SoundCloud, or Beatport. Stay tuned because there is a lot more where that came from.

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