Mish’Chief (Marishka Cross) is a dance floor warrior, promoter and DJ, respected by peers and punters for her an unwavering commitment to delivering all the components of a quality underground sound. Founder of Instinct Events, she is an established member of Melbourne’s electronic music scene which is reflected by her high representation at club and promoter events, the festival circuit and numerous radio shows locally and internationally.

Mish’Chief draws on a wide range of musical influences including techno, progressive, minimal and deep house, blending these genres in her sets to suit the mood for the dance floor she’s playing. Whilst diverse in her style, her trademark “staunch” styling’s are immediately recognisable, combining tough driving bass lines, menacing rhythms and dark sexy vocals.

A natural ability to connect and affect the dance-floor, dynamic sets, coupled with her consistency for delivering the ‘goods’ make her popular with artists, promoters and tune fiends alike. Her sequencing and selection speaks to those who love the music as much as she does. Her passion is evident as on any given weekend, if she’s not spinning deadly tracks in the booth, you’ll no doubt find her front and centre on the dance floor amongst Melbourne’s techno tribe.

How has your style and way of DJing changed over the years?

I started DJing on vinyl – the sound then was hard-house, trance and 4/4 techno. My collection and sets reflected this, with a solid stock and love for labels like Tidy Trax. My mixing was more basic and I thought anything under 135bpm was a lullaby!
My sound has matured and today I seek out more complex music, across broader genres and slowed it down. Don’t get me wrong – I still love a night of German stomping techno, but I can find the power and staunch factor I love so much in other ways that don’t just involve the pitch. My style now is more diverse; deep house has crept into my DJ bag and I’m enjoying playing tough techno with this.

What’s the worst song request you’ve ever gotten?

It’s a hard list to pick from but I’d have to say it was “Kylie” (anything), twice – at a minimal techno and progressive night that had been clearly promoted that way.

Which song did you wish you wrote?

I had to think hard about this – I’ve gone with a more current track “Elle – Lee Van Dowski”. It’s got so many elements of what I love – staunch, epic feel and power, beautiful delicate piano that sounds classical and the production is at a masters level. I can only aspire to being able to compose and deliver such a great piece.

We are finally here at the last episode of Kontrast Mini-Mix Series #4. Mish’Chief ends this part very well with her finely composed mix that slowly but steady builds the tension up during the short 30 minutes. Electro inspired basslines gets you started which then goes deeper and darker, and lands you back on stomping techno beats. 

KONTRAST is a collective of creative spirits who loves to combine raw sounds, dark, thumping beats and intense, edgy musical experiences with extraordinary visual elements in an experimental and innovative way. We want to build something new, colourful and unforgettable and to explore how sounds, shapes and visual imprints together can create something bigger than ourselves, and a different state of mind. The fourth series of the KONTRAST mini-mix series will run from June 1st to 22nd, and there will be an exclusive podcast from each artist with a short interview to get to know them better.

Mini-Mix Series #4:

#4.1 – June 1 – Sublym
#4.2 – June 8 – Broken Spires
#4.3 – June 15 – Edward Richards
#4.4 – June 22 – Mish’Chief

To learn more about KONTRAST Collective check out their Facebook Page. Listen to the previous mini-mix series on their Soundcloud.

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