Interview with Kevin Over

Kevin Over_02.1

Kevin Over’s major breakthrough came in early 2015 when the stunning ‘Retrovision’ EP dropped on Noir Music. At just 24, this young artist is already established as a go-to producer for ready-made house and techno winners.

Detroit legend Stacey Pullen licensed his stunning ‘2002’ for his well- received Balance 028 compilation, and the warmth of the ‘90s embosses the artist’s musical output, as Kevin creates rough-edged, groove-ridden dancefloor weapons that appeal to house and techno heads. Catch him this weekend during his Australasian tour in Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand. 

What got you to start DJing at such a young age as 14?

Listening to live radio broadcastings from warehouse raves and randomly stumbling into a dark record shop that sells techno vinyls. This thrilled me enough to keep on focussing the 4/4 bass drum!

Who or what was your biggest music inspiration during that age?

I can’t figure out the biggest one. My mind was just opened up for every musical input at this time, I just soaked everything up. But if I have to choose one, it would be Mike (Mendez) and Vladimir (Ivkovic) from the Important Records Store in Essen, which had to close about 8 years ago. They really caused trouble in my brain with all the Bunker Records Releases and White Label Imports from another side of the world. It was like a new world opening the doors to let me enter it.

Can you list your current top 5 tracks that gets the dance floor going?

  1. Cab Drivers – Taxi Funk (Dub) (Cabinet)
  2. D’Julz – Narcissistic Scratch
  3. Tripmastaz – Flux EP (Cachai LTD)
  4. Kevin Over – Dakota (Mobilee)
  5. Subb-An ft. Isis Salam – Feel For You (Beste Modus)

As an electronic music producer, where do you stand in the analog vs digital debate?

I think it’s just a very personal topic. Everyone that makes music has an own idealistic way of presenting it to a crowd. If someone needs a lot of digital technique to reach this goal, he should go for it. I prefer warm analogue touched sound and I love to drop needles on records, but that’s just what I like most. Judging isn’t that objective.

During the music making process, what phase do you enjoy the most?

Getting hooked up by a wicked groove or a great sample you’ve found and getting in the right mood to finish this track just the same day!

Since your breakthrough in early 2015 on Noir Music records with ‘Retrovision’ EP you have become a very successful and well-known producer in a short while. What advice can you give to enthusiasts who are dreaming of a career as a music producer?

At first everyone should start on being 100% satisfied with his own music. It’s the most important thing, before thinking of a career anyway. As an artist you want to make music and art that is still relevant in 10 years or so. I am also struggling with this, but this just keeps you developing new ideas. If you stay creative, focussed and you know what you are doing, I think this is the grounding for a positive way to go.

What projects or releases do you have coming up in the near future?

On 24th June my Dakota EP is dropping on Mobilee Records. Beside to that there is a remix coming up for DJ Pierre on Get Physical Music. At the moment I am planing a bigger project for end of this year, hope to share more news soon!

Australasian Tour Dates:

Thursday 7th July – Electric Rush featuring Kevin Over @ Barmuda, Queenstown, New Zealand
Friday 8th July – Thick As Thieves present Kevin Over (Get Physical) @ Revolver, Melbourne
Sunday 10th July – SASH featuring Kevin Over, Sydney

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