June Top New Releases Chart

June Chart Cover 2016

I’m pretty excited to share the Top New Releases from June! These 10 tracks are definitely something special, and if you’re into darker, heavier flavours then you won’t be disappointed. For this chart list we’ve got a few golden ones from labels such as Cyanide Records, Drumcode, Aus Music and Lobster Theremin.

Topping this chart list is Cassy’s track “Route To Thonon” that got debuted at Boiler Room. This track from her debut album “Donna” on Aus Music is mesmerising, twinkling and acid inspired arpeggio with elements of soft dreamy synth stabs. Second on the list is Josu Mämmi’s “Open Your Eyes” from his self-released debut album named “Spring/Summer 2016”. This one follows the dreamy vibes with break beat inspired kick pattern and melancholic chords and energetic, dynamic percussions.

Berg jaär [ARTS019]

On the third spot for our Top New Releases from June we’ve got Jamin Hernandez Night Version of Analog Trip – “Losing Myself”. The track was released on Cyanide Records as a free gift to celebrate the label’s 2nd birthday. Tension building bass line along with thumping 4/4 kick drum and mysterious drones and horns makes up for a great build up track for the dance floor. A dark and vicious techno track on the 4th place comes from Berg Jaär, who focuses on strongly dreamy and minimalistic dynamics. You can tell that “Hyl” follows this path, which is the 2nd track on the A-side of his EP “Nacr” released on ARTS Recordings.

Released on Spanish label Elevate, Luca Agnelli’s track “Turbo” takes the 5th spot from last month’s releases. It’s a bass heavy and big room sounding techno tune I’m sure will make every head bop as soon as it hits the dance floor. Next up is Frankyeffe – “On The Road” on Alchemy, another great tension building track with a deep bass and pleasant hi hats. On the 7th place we have another great release from the Drumcode label. Pig&Dan keep impressing with their latest record “Mexico EP” and “Chez Dre” is one that really stands out. Heavy, uplifting and dark techno that won’t disappoint – what a tune!


From the second collaboration between Randomer & Cadans we have “Pyramid” released on Neighbourhood on the 8th place. This track has some real serious kicks! Another heavy tune with interesting, quirky melody and raw and analog percussion elements. Second last is Gilmer Galibard’s track “Brain Poacher” on Lobster Theremin which is a hypnotic and industrial tune with aggressive drums and disturbing, alarming sounds that won’t leave your mind alone.

Lastly we have Jay Lumen & Roberto Capuano’s track “Octaves” out on Footwork from their collab EP with the same name. These guys know how to produce big sounding tunes! With uplifting housey vocals and a deep stomping bass it’s a no-brainer for any techno lover.

Listen to the full chart list below:

1. Cassy – Route To Thonon
2. Josu Mämmi – Open Your Eyes
3. Analog Trip – Losing Myself (Jamin Hernandez Night Version)
4. Berg Jaär – Hyl
5. Luca Agnelli – Turbo
6. Frankyeffe – On The Road
7. Pig&Dan – Chez Dre
8. Randomer & Cadans – Pyramid
9. Gilmer Galibard – Brain Poacher
10. Jay Lumen & Roberto Capuano – Octaves

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