July Top New Releases Chart

July Chart Cover 2016

July has been a great month for festivals and clubs in the northern hemisphere as summer is at its peak. One of those festivals was Into The Valley in Sweden that I was happy to take part of. Those bright summer nights, that green lush forest, the view of the limestone quarry combined with top quality house and techno from the best DJs in the world was something quite amazing.

I hope you’ve had the opportunity to experience some great music wherever you might be in the world. And as usual, there has been lots of new releases coming out and I will go through my top 10 favourite from last month. So without further ado, here we go!


On 1st place of July’s Top New Releases we have Harvey McKay’s track ‘Terma’ on Intec Digital. It’s a great pumping techy track with alluring melodies and a housey vocal sample. Then on 2nd place comes a superb track from AFFKT called ‘Pied Piper’ released on My Favourite Freaks label. This one has a smooth bass lingering in the background and a cool arpeggio that travels through the whole song, building up and breaking down in the right moments.

Following up is a master piece from the collaboration between Monika Kruse and Pig&Dan named ‘Boogie Man’. The track comes from their EP ‘Oblivion’ released on Ms Kruse’s own imprint Terminal M. A true heavy weight track on the dance floor! Next on 4th place comes Loco & Jam’s remix of Green Velvet’s ‘Flash’ on Relief Records. With alarming sounds, heavy bass and quirky percussion elements this one is for those who like to let go and release.

oblivion ep

David Gtronic & Iuly.B – Arcudam released Vatos Locos Recordings takes 5th place in last month’s chart list. It’s a groovy, techy creation with a subtle uptempo feel from their ‘Fusion’ EP. Coming next is a boppy and fun acid deep techno track which is a rework by Natureboy Gold & Marlon Hoffstadt on Marlon Hoffstadt’s track ‘Broncos’ on Retrograde. It’s got a nice raw and analogue feel to it with old school styled acid lines growing and descending in intensity.

From one of my top favourite lables at the moment, Phantasy, there’s a great release from Kamera that has been remixed by Truncate. ‘Consignia’ is a mesmerizing and chugging techno track with 808 claps and chugging percussions that still lets the deep bass and melodies breath. Nico Cabeza’s track ‘Nero’ got the 8th place with its igniting harmonies and uplifting stabs together with heavy bass and drums. It’s one out of three tracks on his ‘Nero’ EP released on British label Tronic Music.

Iain Howie - In Flight

Second last in this chart list is a deep tune from Iain Howie called ‘In Flight’. This release in the EP ‘Awake’ on Rhombus is spacious and bright with a deep bass line and ticking elements. Lastly we’ve got a remix made by Axel Boman on Dinky’s track ‘Casa’ from her sixth album released on Crosstown Rebels. This remix is a fun and lustrous deep house track with a sharp electro inspired bass line that transforms into acid at times, which is accompanied by a ticking rimshot that keeps you moving.

Have a listen to the whole chart list below:

Tracks list:

1. Harvey McKay – Terma
2. AFFKT – Pied Piper
3. Monika Kruse & Pig&Dan – Boogie Man
4. Green Velvet – Flash (Loco & Jam Remix)
5. David Gtronic & Iuly.B – Arcudam
6. Marlon Hoffstadt – Broncos (Natureboy Gold & Marlon Hoffstadt Rework)
7. Kamera – Consignia (Truncate Remix)
8. Nico Cabeza – Nero
9. Premiere: Iain Howie – In Flight
10. Dinky – Casa (Axel Boman Dub Mix)

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