11 Ghosts of Chhogori – Deadlights (Ok Sure Remix)

ok sure deadlight remix

Synth Babe Records is launching a brand new track every Friday throughout August. Their first track is a remix from the Melbourne based talent Ok Sure, who can be described as dark, sensual and moody with her live shows consisting of downtempo, industrial, melodic electronica while her dj sets can range from techno, deep house, disco, electronica and… whatever. She is a queen of remixing, even winning the Triple J Unearthed Hermitude remix competition in 2015.

Her remix of Deadlights’ track 11 Ghosts of Chhogori is a tribal inspired, quirky yet groovy track that has taken the original from melodic and abstract to a more radio friendly edit. Ok Sure’s unique style of shaping sounds and beats is very much present. With electrified melodies and trembling moody sounds it’s got an emotional vibrance to it.

The first release of this remix came out on E-Con Records for the Deadlights track 11 Ghosts of Choogori – the compilation remixes featured members from a group called E-Con Republic. Have a listen to the track below:

Synth Babe Records is launching a brand new track every Friday throughout August and one in September. Babes featured include French producer Mila Dietrich remixing Ninoosh, Melbourne-based artist Ok Sure remixing The Fleurs, Ninoosh remixing Canadian band Vague Notion (launching September 9) and newly signed artist, The Fleurs, releasing her debut track through the label called Desire, with its sensual synth feels and emotive vocal delivery from Stockholm-based singer/producer, Emely Fleur Majrell. 

synth babe records

Since launching SBR late last year, founder Anya Trybala AKA Ninoosh has been introduced to an influx of amazing female producers creating innovative music, especially as she has been collecting music for an upcoming compilation Babes of…Melbourne, launching later this year in collaboration with Melbourne Techno Collective, Node and raising funds for the International Women’s Development Fund (IWDA). Future compilations are planned for other cities around the globe, with Stockholm and Berlin as next on the cards.


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