Sarantis – Styve

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Sarantis consists of two brothers, Joey Sarantis and Yanni Sarantis, who have a long-standing reputation in the Melbourne techno community as being high quality DJs and music selectors, and have frequently played at a variety of well known Melbourne nightclubs including Revolver Upstairs, The Mercat Basement and New Guernica. One of their creations, the techno collective and events crew ‘Konnekt’d‘, has seen some incredible success over the past year or two – with their last notable gig boasting Spanish techno icon Alberto Ruiz as the headline act.

Most recently, the Sarantis brothers have been delving into the world of music production. By utilizing a combination of hardware units (drum machines, analog and digital synthesizers) and software workstations (Ableton Live): Sarantis have created a sparse and very genre-diverse range of dub techno, uplifting house and melodic techno tracks.

Styve starts off with a punchy mid-range (yet highly powerful) four-to-the-floor kick drum pattern set against somewhat temperamental floating pad movements. These track elements are also loosely coupled to a high-end frequency atmospheric backing drone, which results in Styve maintaining a rather ethereal sort of feeling all throughout its roughly seven minute duration.

As the track progresses on, many light atmospheric flourishes can be heard and an impending sense of powerful darkness seems to rise in prominence behind them. However, just like the Ying and Yang of Eastern mysticism that represents a harmony between two opposing but dualistic forces, the dark and foreboding elements in Styve are wisely paired by some very euphoric, uptempo synthesizer pads and chord stabs which perfectly balance out the emotional energy of the whole track. 

This clever aural dualism in Styve creates a feeling that is simultaneously otherworldly and spiritual, as well as incredibly terrestrial and grounded.

Two minutes into the track, Sarantis introduce one of the must-have sounds of house and techno: percussion. Further expanding to this already flowing mixture of sonic goodness, the listener is met with the new addition of some classic 909-style shuffled high hat patterns. Dry, percussive and clean – they give a no-nonsense sense of drive and rhythm to the track.

Roughly three and half minutes into Styve the majority of the elements are stripped away for the main breakdown which highlight the centrepieces of the track: the euphoric atmospheric pads and synth chords. After this breakdown, Every element now recombines to form the final complete aural symphony that is Styve, with Joey and Yanni expertly adding the finishing touch of a very classic (and very reverb driven) ride cymbal pattern – further injecting some eminent 90’s house vibes to the already euphoric ambient techno track.

Styve is a cleverly written techno composition from the two extremely talented Sarantis brothers which showcases their wide range of stylistic influences, production skills, and incredibly knowledgable grasp of dance music.
Highly recommended listening!

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