The Fleurs – Desire

Desire The Fleurs

The third and final release in their August series from Synth Babe Records is The Fleurs single ‘Desire’. The single portrays the boundaries be-tween East and West Berlin in the postwar period, and describes a longing for change“Desire takes place in post-war Berlin feels the issue is as relevant today. I refer specifically to the refugee crisis. It is a complex times we live in, where the boundaries are torn down and built up, both geographically and in society.” says German-born singer Emily Majrell AKA The Fleurs. 

The Fleurs consists of the German singer Emily Majrell, who was one of the first artists ever to be scouted by Universal Music Group A & R tools and deployment services, Spinnup. The singer draws its inspiration from the Swedish winter melancholy and dark nightclub scene in Berlin. She combines drum machines with dreamy vocals to a hybrid that is best described as a mix between techno and post-rock.

It’s a dreamy track with heavy dragging beats and distinct claps. The vocals are fine tuned and sentimental with fleeting echoes, and the words comes through very strong and pulls you into the song. At the end the song picks up the pace just to drag you back into the deep chuggy beats again. It’s a great production with a mix of emotions which creates the tension in the song. The Fleurs has done a great job on this release and it’s good to see her as one of the Synth Babes.

whistler_ok sure remix hi res

‘Desire’ is The Fleurs third solo single since the project started in 2014, but the first in collaboration with Synth Babe Records. The label is also launching a remix by Ok Sure of the singer’s last single, ‘The Whistler’ – a deep and rumbling techno version of the slow-moving original.

Desire and The Whistler are the last two songs that are presented in the label’s month of releases, which included a remix of the Dealdights song 11 Ghosts of Chhogori as well as a melodic techno version of the Ninoosh track Fears of Life by French artist Mila Dietrich.

Listen to all new Synth Babe Records songs from August here:

Get the releases on iTunes here.

Synth Babe Records is launching a brand new track every Friday throughout August and one in September. Babes featured include French producer Mila Dietrich remixing Ninoosh, Melbourne-based artist Ok Sure remixing The Fleurs, Ninoosh remixing Canadian band Vague Notion (launching September 9) and newly signed artist, The Fleurs, releasing her debut track through the label called Desire, with its sensual synth feels and emotive vocal delivery from Stockholm-based singer/producer, Emely Fleur Majrell. 

synth babe records

Since launching SBR late last year, founder Anya Trybala AKA Ninoosh has been introduced to an influx of amazing female producers creating innovative music, especially as she has been collecting music for an upcoming compilation Babes of…Melbourne, launching later this year in collaboration with Melbourne Techno Collective, Node and raising funds for the International Women’s Development Fund (IWDA). Future compilations are planned for other cities around the globe, with Stockholm and Berlin as next on the cards.

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