August Top New Releases Chart

August Chart Cover 2016

Summer has got to its end in Europe leaving this after wave of good music energy from all those crazy festivals over there. Here in Melbourne we’re starting to see the light in the tunnel and spring has just sprung. What a better way to celebrate than to list the Top New Releases in the genres of techno, tech house and minimal from last month?

Normally I would try keep the variety of tracks much bigger than this, but it seems like some labels or producers are just on fire this time around. In this chart list there’s a couple of Drumcode tracks as well as two releases from Alan Fitzpatrick. We also have a very fresh tune coming from one of our own Whono’s members. Let’s jump into it!

#10 – Jack Master ‘Bang The Box’ (Slam Remix)

Albeit a very repeating vocal line this tune has got some cool energy and vibe to it. It’s a fun slamming techno track with great build ups of snares and hats that dives down into a heavy deep kick drum and bass. Slam’s remix released on Soma Recordings of Jack Master aka Richie Hawtin’s ‘Bang The Box’ brings this oldie back to life and is a definite crowd pleaser.

#9 – Alan Fitzpatrick – We Do What We Want

This track is such a gem! There’s not even an original track out there on Soundcloud, only this live recording from Hideout Festival in Croatia where he played end of June this last European summer. Apparently fans got hysteric about this track that didn’t have a name at the start. Later on it got revealed to be named “We Do What We Want’ and is going to be the first release on Fitzpatrick’s new label ‘We Are The Brave’. I can’t wait to hear more from his new started imprint!

#8 – Andre Crom – The Existence (Oliver Deutschmann Remix)

Hypnotic techno coming straight at you from this remix by Berlin-based Oliver Deutschmann of Andre Crom’s track ‘The Existence’. Released on OFF Recordings as the second track on ‘The Existence EP’ it’s an intense tune with an unrelenting arpeggiated bassline, ruthless energetic percussions and ambient sirens in the background.

#7 – Fancke – Change Your Octave

It’s great when you get to see big career leaps and success from those close around you. This month I’m super delighted to feature an original track made by one of our very own – the Whono’s Music founder Fancke. ‘Change Your Octave’ is the first track in his EP released on Berlin-based label Midnight Music Machine this month as one of the most promising additions to the label. The track interplays cleverly around the vocals to build a great dynamic and the electric stabbing bassline gives the song a nice underground techno flavour.

#6 – Eekkoo – Hell Is Other People (Matt Lange Remix)

This remix by Matt Lange released on mau5trap records has taken a rather progressive tune into deeper techno forests. The lyrics makes you wonder whether Eekkoo who did the original track might have some kind of phobia of ‘other people’. Never the less the vocals are very catchy and the track has a real good drive that Mr Lange has kept well in his version; adding alarming repeating sounds with a well polished bass line that plays well together with the toms and the kick drum.

#5 – Lauhaus – Dyson Sphere

Released on OFF Recordings this month is this heavy weight track ‘Dyson Sphere’ by the Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Lauhaus. A groovy snare-meets-toms pattern combines with ticking hats and echoing dark synth stabs in a minimal fashion makes the track breathe an electric drive throughout the song. Lauhaus is a big part of the scene in the Netherlands, playing there frequently but also around Europe in countries such as Spain and London. I believe we will hear more from this guy very soon.

#4 – Jamie Anderson – Nubu (Responder Remix)

Fasten your seat belts before you press play on this! Responder’s remix of Jamie Anderson’s ‘Nubu’ is nothing else but serious late night techno. Stereo reverberating percussions together with a firm kick drum and melodic synth line makes up the base while hard hitting open hi-hats spurs you on and builds the tension even more. This remix released on Florian-Meindl’s imprint FLASH Recordings shows the love that the Bielefeld based duo Responder has for those raw, analogue sounds.

#3 – Alan Fitzpatrick – Terra Firma

A fresh release from the Swedish label Drumcode; ‘Terra Firma’ by Alan Fitzpatrick which is on their A-side Vol. 5 to mark the record label’s 20th anniversary. The English Fitzpatrick has in a very short time become one of the most influential techno producers as of late since his breakthrough in 2016, and he has also got releases on B-Pitch Control, Hotflush Recordings and Hypercolour. He’s a big supporter of the #savefabric campaign to keep the famous venue fabric from closing down after a couple tragic accidents.

#2 – Matador – Klout & Bones (Fur Coat Remix)

This remix by Fur Coat takes Matador’s track ‘Klout & Bones’ into a mystical, big room sound with ticking hi-hats and trumpet sounding elements. They have brought out the evil side of the track with saturated sounds and deeper bass which really takes it into darker dance floors around the world. Fur Coat recently played at DGTL Barcelona Festival and Matador will be visiting Australia in December, playing for Konnekt’d in Melbourne at RMH.

#1 – Adam Beyer & Mark Reeve – Nine Of You

On first place is yet another stomper from Drumcode where the label boss has paired up with Mark Reeve and created ‘Nine Of You’, also released on their A-Side compilation which contains a crazy amount of quality tracks. Adam Beyer has built up a strong techno brand known around the world and they have more music coming out now than ever before. This track is another one to put in your music library; perfect for those later nights to build up the dance floor into heavier tracks. The relentless kick, deep bass and staccato like bass has a great drive that certainly makes you move.

Listen to the full chart list here:

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