Black Spuma – Italo House with a Modern Edge


First impressions of Black Spuma’s new single Metallo Nero are 90s house. If you’re a fan of house music and a believer in the second coming of Chicago then you know this is a good thing. With the feel of Italo house and the slightest chug of the progressive it’s a versatile addition to any well-esteemed collector. It’s also DJ and dance floor friendly. Close your eyes and picture the waters of the Balearic Islands as they weave their sound. The magic is that it has a modern day edge making it feel nostalgic yet fresh. It toggles the line between old school love and current day necessity. This balancing act is due to a well-played combination of funky bottom end bass, claps that throw you back, keys that breathe good times and a xylophone reminiscent of dreamy beach days and carnival. Topping it off, a bass line somewhere between uplifting euphoria and alternative Indie Dance empowers a confident sound reminding you what house is all about. Finally there is a subtle depth towards the end for dare I say… reflection? You could easily hear this in the building portion of a Bicep Boiler Room set. And that’s a very good thing.

Black Spuma is made up of Fabrizio Mammarello of Telespazio and Phillip Lauer of Tuff City Kids and Talamanca System. Connected through music circles they initially did remixes for one another and from there spawned the creative relationship known as Black Spuma. Defining a signature sound that combines Italo house, disco, and electro with a modern edge highlights the boys are having fun while pushing their sound into tomorrow. Between them they’ve released on Running back, International Feel, Toy Tonics, Beats in Space, Ghostly International, Bear Funk, Kitsune, Get Physical, Hypercolour, Permanent Vacation, Hell Yeah, Cocoon, Unterton, Suol, Philomena, DFA, Systematic, Brontosaurus, Cross Town Rebels, Slow Motion and Rollerboys Recordings to name a few.

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