Phil Kieran releases ​‘Blinded By​ The Sun’ album


The Belfast born DJ and producer Phil Kieran is releasing his album ‘Blinded By The Sun’ on Hot Creations in October. Continuously mixing light and dark elements throughout his ten track narrative inspired from over a decade in the electronic dance scene. The talented artist is currently touring Australia in time for his upcoming album release.

Whono’s got the opportunity to chat to Phil about his upcoming album prior to his Australian tour, and he’s giving us his thoughts on his top 5 tracks from the release. You can tell his put a lot of thought into each of the tracks and also had some great collaborations together with Wilson Magwere and Jess Brien.

Solar storm

‘The vocals on this track were performed by Wilson Magwere. Wilson was just 25 when he was forced to flee troubled Zimbabwe, his home country, which is under President Robert Mugabe’s stranglehold (read dictatorship), because “They didn’t like some of my songs so I had to leave”. He has been living in Belfast for 10 years now and feature on 3 tracks from the album.’

Make A Change

‘On this one the vocals were performed by Jess Brien who I met by chance in a Belfast venue called “The Limelight”. She told me she was a vocalist, so I asked her to send me a demo so I could hear her voice. I didn’t think it would ever come to much but when I listened to the demo I was kind of blown away and thought she sounded amazing. I had the track “Make a Change” already written with my vocals on it, so I thought I would get her in to trial her voice over the track – and it sounded great! So we just kept working together!’

‘Make A Change’ was released on September 2nd with remixes from Matrixxman and Nathan Barato. 

Blinded By The Sun

‘This track title is also the name of the album and sets the scene for whats to come. The story kickstarts here and disappears into a more reflective place.’

Think Too Much

‘This was co-written with Jess Brien and was played a few days ago for the first time ever by Andrew Weatherall on his NTS radio show.’

Find Love

‘The album finishes with “Find Love”, meaning that (love) is the answer. I love trying to make music that can connect with the deepest darkest parts of your thought process, but giving hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Music should empower people to do better things with their life and ultimately the listener should walk away feeling something positive.’

Below is a mini-mix of the album to give you a taste of the release:


1. Solar Storm
2. Make A Change
3. Blinded By The Sun
4. Realities Forgotten
5. I Can’t Help Myself
6. Don’t Give Up
7. Think Too Much
8. No Life
9. Let It Go Away
10. Find Love

Label: Hot Creations
Released: 7th October 2016


Under the name CO+LAB Thick As Thieves has got Phil Kieran, T-Rek and Nick Coleman performing live with an orchestra in the back room of Revolver Upstairs on Wednesday September 14th for a unique and inspired musical experience. Supporting acts from Mike Callander performing an ambient live set and Ransom doing an orchestral DJ set.

This event is very rare of it’s kind, combining dance music with a 12-piece chamber orchestra with unique performances. Tickets for this event are available here.

Australian Tour Dates

Sunday 11th September: SASH, Sydney
Wednesday 14th September: Co+Lab @ Revolver, Melbourne
Friday 16th September: Geisha Bar, Perth
Saturday 17th September: The Railway, Melbourne
Sunday 18th September: Our House, Launceston

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