Gustavo Chateaubriand – Good Time (Morpei Remix)

Agustin Morales Peinado, was the lead singer and composer of the successful Bolivian band ‘Day XXI’, and can now be found producing dance music under the alias ‘Morpei’. After doing such amazing work in the Bolivian dance music scene, Agustin moved to the United States to chase his musical dreams on a significantly larger scale, while also studying music production and composition at The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. By 2015, he had released numerous EPs on several major US, European, and South American labels, such as: Audiophile Records, Simma Black, Lapsus Music, Audio Rehab, & Sleazy G to name a few.

Audiophile management has had some great tunes come out of it recently. Full of inspiring deep and tech house tunes. Their latest endeavor is Morpei, with this banging tech house remix. The ‘Good Time’ remix came out on the Spanish-based label, Soleid. Morpei continues to infuse his unique style in to his house productions, while maintaining his Bolivian roots and keeping those drums/percussion groovy.

Download it here!



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