The Cyclist – Old School Rave Please

Old. School. Rave. Maybe the most accessible means to sum up The Cyclist’s aka Andrew Morrison’s latest EP Pressing Matters on Hypercolour. It’s hard to deny the warmth, motion and vibes distributed by the classic production methods that he exhibits on this EP.


Lead single Pressing Matters has Rasta vocals coupled with sampled instrumentation and classic breaks. It goes deep but not in a deep house sense, rather with a murky depth that harks back to yester year. Evoking feelings of 90s warehouse parties, it moves with the subtle waves of a dreamy green haze. The same goes for Born in ’92, with gentle piano keys it feels like a softer more exploratory journey. Things differ slightly with Push ft. Tanya Harper. While maintaining a vintage style it harbours modern influences pushing towards a darker, edgier trip hop feel. Remix duties upheld by Robag Wruhme take things to a softer more elegant styling reminiscent of modern house productions.

Old school UK rave is the clear direction taken by The Cyclist on his latest release on Hypercolour. And it’s the better for it. You’re hard pressed not to feel the timelessness of the sounds created here. A genre pushing creation that is willing to say what many people are thinking… Its time to take it back. Another quality release from Hypercolour.

Pressing Matters was released September 1, get it here.

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