Enter the Labyrinth with Tuff City Kids

tuff-city-kidsShowing no remorse for blurring genre lines, we once again climb sonic mountain scapes, plant our flag, and breathe the cool fresh air of Tuff City Kids.

This time around, the duo consisting of Phillip Lauer and Gerd Janson, enlist the vocals of Annie, gently juxtaposing her sweet tones with a full bodied concoction of House, Nu-Disco and 80s infused Synthwave.

Let’s start with the obvious. That retro 80s disco feel blasting you instantaneously, and the chord, running right through, channelling serious Blue Monday vibes. It works on so many levels.  Annie’s soft words sprinkle a rich depth reminiscent of classic 80s pop, but more so the growing catalogue of Synthwave vocalists such as Browyn, Kristine, Chloe Alper, and Dana Jean Phoenix.

The lyrics themselves also deserve mention. It’s hard to deny the similarities between this and the inspirational David Bowie classic, Labyrinth.  Annie’s words; here we go again / I’m running right in / to your labyrinth / now I can’t find my way out / … / I gotta find my way out /… flip a classic, well-versed narrative into a modern day love trap set by, quite possibly, another goblin king.

The song is fleshed out by a groovy baseline, deep bongo drum, ample cowbell, a snappy snare, light hats, a dreamy yet edgy key line and a final bassline to send things off into a picturesque, Miami Vice inspired sunset.

Dropped by Innervisions heavyweight Dixon to close his 2016 Dekmantel set, the overall feeling is an uplifting, summer day vacation back to the 1980s. This is a boarding call for the Tuff City Kids. Welcome to the labyrinth.

Tuff City Kids on Permanent Vacation Germany.

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