Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda


Melbourne local Harvey Sutherland and his accompanying aficionado’s Bermuda, have released the first Ep on the newly slated, Clarity Records. It’s a blissful, two track working, of disco, soul, funk and groove.

The first track is Priestess. A nine-minute groove rider that starts on the soulful inner, building beauty and emotion with subtle strings and a distant but yearning piano. It doesn’t last long, however, as the piano turns that desire, into a funk.  The funk, with it’s heartfelt and wholesome clap, builds energy until it releases a soft warm haze, reminiscent of the 70s soul classics. Somewhat of an epic, Priestess is a warm and loving record.

The second track is Bravado. Starting off a far funkier affair, with jabs of thick bass and electric piano swinging back to the days of Rhodes, the trio’s production immediately lifts, transcending the listener to another time. Working effectively within the boundaries of the 4/4, the sounds are live (their trademark), swelling with a groove that pulls you in the deep. It winds and sprays, demanding you let go of all your worries and feel good. Both records work strikingly well in the realms of the headphone, car, and dancefloor.

The new EP, on Clarity Records, is impeccable in production, quality, sound, and direction.  A soulful record with more life than a primary school student on a trampoline. Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda have had much success recently and it’s obvious why. Shows with Melbourne Music Week, Paradise Festival and Freedom Time to name a few, in the near future, you would be doing yourself a dis-service not to see these guys live in action. Nothing short of outstanding.

For upcoming shows and music check the links.





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