Ok Sure – Modus


Modus‘ is the first single to come from one of Melbourne’s electronic treasures, Ok Sure, which will be part of her upcoming EP that’s due for release early next year.

Renown for her unique live performances, Ok Sure has been consistently delivering emotive electronic productions over the past couple of years and steadily gaining huge traction and support along the way. Clearly setting out to not simply be just another standard 4×4 styled electronic producer in the scene, her work demonstrates a level of talent and creativity that one would be hard-pressed to find in many other local producers.

And, much to her credit, She has been carving out a big name for herself in a scene that is otherwise dominated by Male artists. Her inclusion on the upcoming ‘Babes of Melbourne’ compilation (a joint project between Melbourne’s ‘Node Techno Collective‘ & Sweden’s ‘Synth Babe Records‘ record label) is further proof of such.

Modus begins its intro segement with some lush & lo-fi atmospheric backing elements and an angelic chorus-style vocal loop, which then, is joined by layers of driving euphoric synthesizer pads. These sort of deep and sonically textured soundscapes are a trademark of Ok Sure’s musical style, and can also be clearly witnessed in other works, such as the collaboration track ‘Palms’ between Ninoosh and Ok Sure – which you can read my review of here: Palms

After this intro, Modus burts into life with thick, heavy handed and darkly textured breakbeat-inspired drum patterns. Then, Soon after, the sonic and melodic complexity of the track is furthered by the addition of some warm, driving & early 80’s electro-styled synthesizer patterns.

Building on this, We then see some ethereal sounding plucked piano notes come to prominence within the background, which rise up and down seemingly in sequence with listener’s mood as Modus progresses on and on. Each piano segment seems to strike firmly at the heart within; imbuing a sense of melancholy and joy simultaneously.

Modus is a fantastic track from what promises to be a very exciting release from an extremely talented electronic artist.
Whilst her namesake might seem apathetic with a pseudonym of “Ok Sure”, her productions are anything but. Rich, highly conceptual, expert levels of sound design and hugely emotive productions – Electronic music needs more producers who speak from the heart yet strike through to the soul.

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