Interview with Randomer


Hailing from North London, Rohan Walder aka Randomer is one of the most prolific producers of the past decade. Few have a recent back catalogue as rich and diverse as Randomer. December sees him doing his debut tour in Australia, and Kontrast Collective will be showcasing this talented producer and DJ at My Aeon on the 2nd of December alongside a very exciting local DJ support lineup as well as experimental visual projections and an art exhibition.

His discography reads like a who’s who of modern techno: across a six year career, he’s produced four EPs for Untold’s Hemlock Recordings; released records for Hessle Audio, Numbers and Clone Records; and most recently, been cherrypicked by Ron Morelli’s famous L.I.E.S for two releases, and a lo-fi workout on its sublabel Russian Torrent Versions.

As a DJ, Randomer is one of the UK’s finest, capable of effortlessly stitching together modern bass with classic techno and less esoteric 4/4 rhythms.

Where does your alias Randomer come from?

I think I used to get called random a lot for coming out with the weirdest stuff when we were young & smoking weed. It’s a stupid name but it suits me because I have an excuse to be all over the place musically

What is it about techno and electronic music that you like the most?

It’s physical, and you can make it all yourself.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a producer in the techno scene?


Being a music producer these days can be quite a lonely job. Do you enjoy this or are there days where you feel isolated and disconnected?

There is a lot of loneliness. It’s good to have friends who do the same thing though to talk to. You’re in a position that so many people want to be in, and that you dreamed yourself about, and so there’s a pressure not to complain about it at all. But in reality it can be really challenging mentally.

I’ve read that your way of making music is by focusing on different processes and techniques in the production. What are some of your recent techniques you’ve been enjoying lately in the studio?

Well, I kind of like to make one thing at a time – and piece them together later. Like little sketches I suppose. They could be anything, some percussion, a melodic hook, or even just a nice bed of ambience.

What’s your favourite piece of equipment at the moment?

Native Instruments have some cool new Reaktor instruments.

What other interests and hobbies do you have outside of your music career?

I’m quite into exercise and strength training. Not that I’m any good at it, it’s just enjoyable, physical and totally divorced from anything musical.

We’re very excited to have you play a show in Melbourne in December. How do you feel about your debut tour down under? Any hints of what we can expect from your upcoming set?

I can’t wait to come to Australia. Always exciting to play somewhere new, and a warm country for once! I think the best way to describe my sets is always ‘relentless’.

Catch Randomer at My Aeon in Melbourne on December 2nd. Tickets are available on Eventbrite, and you can find the Facebook event here



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