DyLab is an English born but Melbourne based acid music producer who has a passion for analogue music boxes, and sounds that come out of them. Over the years he has crafted a solid body of music, releasing tunes on New York Haunted, Trax, Clash & Splash, HypnoHouse, Enigmatic Output, Clan Destine, Balkan Recordings, Gigabeat Records, Avioground Records, Devilbeat, Swishcotheque, Acid All Stars, Handmade Acid, BWLR and Council House records.

His great love for old analogue machines truly shines through his productions and at the core of his music is the sound of the eternal Roland TB303. He skilfully combines his love for old machines with the adaptability of current music production software which creates a fusion of both authenticity and innovative sounds. DyLab is always looking for different ways to bring the acid sound of the TB303 into his music, and his productions vary from classic acid house sound of the late 80’s, the acid tech sound of the 90’s to more modern bass heavy tunes.

It’s pretty obvious you have a love for old Roland equipment. Can you describe what it is that draws you to it?

When I was getting into techno that’s all there was, the 808/909/101/303 were infused in band names and track names and 808 State’s Quadrastate was one of the first techno records I bought. So those machines are what I gravitated to when I started buying gear. I got my 606, 101 & 202 back in 1997 from a pawn shop in London. The rest I’ve picked up over last 10/15 years or so.

They’re also really easy to use and sound great, you just switch them on and start making music. There is an immediacy to the whole process. I try and make my tracks as quickly as possible to remove any form of self-doubt that can plague you after listening to an 8 bar loop for 5 hours. There is also an interconnectedness with the machines, the 808 triggers the 101 sequences, the timings of the melodies become instantly variable, from 1 note a bar to 16/32 in a bar so can build up and slow down with simple button presses.

You recently played support at NONOTAK, who have a very powerful soundscape aesthetic. What did you come away with from that event?

They had an impressive aesthetic for sure. For me though, I was most impressed by Zen Paradox aka Steve Law, he is an inspiration to watch live. His improvisational approach from wall of drone into dubbed out techno was spellbinding to watch and listen to. Trying to get your brain around all that gear and possible sounds and work your way through that is amazing musicianship.

All songs except one in your mini-mix are made by you, can you tell us a bit about the tracks and when they will be released?

I wanted to give a taste of the music I’ve been making that’s only been heard by a few people. Also for me it’s a way of looking back on what I’ve done and putting it together in a different context.

The first two tracks are off an upcoming EP for Detroit Underground. I’ve been sending demos to Detroit Underground for a while. They were after some heavier acid / techno sounds. The start of last year, 2016 my music was quite acid house and jacking but not really that heavy. This was a move to a heavier sound and working out how to get my machines and sound into that space. The tracks all have a Supertramp theme running through them. It’s fun to listen an album like “Breakfast in America” then work that into something acid techno.

The New York Haunted tracks are a mix of vibes, from big chords and machine music like “High”. then the “My Body Hurts” is a bit of fun with sample from Instagram, waking up at 6pm after a night at Berghain. The “Gangster Diction”, “Causing Friction” and “Rings ‘n Tings” are pure sample based noise techno tracks inspired by London Posse’s Gangster Chronicles, deliberately not using any of my machines. Vince (Vince Koreman aka Drug Culture, NYH label Boss), also likes harder stuff even though my first two EPs on NYH were pretty melodic acid. There’s also a bunch of heavy distortion tracks on the way too.

The “Only Acid Can Set Me Free” track is one of the first tracks where I’ve written lyrics and done the vocals then written the acid to the vocals. Dark broody distorted acid with pitched down vocals and a heavy kick – perfect warehouse rave music. It’s like a total lost it track but tongue in cheek, only acid can cure the pain of ecstasy. The whole ep has that kind of vibe.  The “Head Spin” track was the same approach. Writing weird lyrics and messing around with them then figuring out how to get 303 line alongside them. I wanted it to being mad dizzy like you can feel your brain moving in your skull, that feeling “When audio psychosis builds from the speakers’ cones ” to quote Low Fidelity All Stars.

That Death Labs track is another collaboration with Vince Koreman (Drug Culture), Kuvera B and myself. That’s currently an in-progress project. Aiming for some heavy vibes on this project too. It’s proper brutal but not quite Bloody Fist brutal. It’s funny as these EPs were all just finished before the Nonotek gig and my set for that was more ambient Recondite style vibe quite different to all this heavier stuff. It’s good to turn on the machines and play around with different intensities and sonic palettes. Keeps things interesting.

So here it is – Mini-Mix #7.1 by DyLab, a well crafted and personalised mix with mainly his own productions using those classic analogue music machines we all love so much. Energetic and driving from start to finish, this is proper heat!

  1. dyLAB – Feel No Pain – Detroit underground
  2. dyLAB – Undisputed Truth – Detroit underground
  3. dyLAB – High – New York Haunted
  4. dyLAB – Headspin – Diffuse Reality
  5. dyLAB – My Body Hurts – New York Haunted
  6. dyLAB – Causing Friction – New York Haunted
  7. dyLAB – Gangster Diction – New York Haunted
  8. dyLAB – Rings n Tings – New York Haunted
  9. dyLAB – Only Acid Can Set Me Free – Diffuse Reality
  10. Death Labs – Terror Anthem #1 – White Label

KONTRAST is a collective of creative spirits who loves to combine raw sounds, dark, thumping beats and intense, edgy musical experiences with extraordinary visual elements in an experimental and innovative way. We want to build something new, colourful and unforgettable and to explore how sounds, shapes and visual imprints together can create something bigger than ourselves, and a different state of mind. The seventh series of the KONTRAST mini-mix series will run from January 4th to 25th, and there will be an exclusive podcast from each artist with a short interview to get to know them better.

Mini-Mix Series #7:

#6.1 – January 4 – DYLAB
#6.2 -January 11 – LUCIFIA
#6.3 -January 18 – DAVE STUART
#6.4 -January 25 – GROOV MEKANIK

To learn more about KONTRAST Collective check out their Facebook Page. Listen to the previous mini-mix series on their Soundcloud.

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