Interview with David Herrero

David Herrero is hailing from Asturias, Spain where his rich and eclectically crafted sound quickly won popular acclaim around the global underground scene. Herrero has already released over 200 tracks and remixes with an upcoming album coming out soon on Stereo Production. Australia is the next country coming up on his busy touring schedule and he will be playing in Sydney and Melbourne this coming weekend. Whono’s Music had a quick chat to Mr Herrero just before he left for the airport in Paris to take the the long flight down under.

Let’s start with the classic question – how did you get into electronic music?

Since I was young I always felt attracted by music and I started mixing music.

What experience has been the most useful for you in regards to your music career?

The love that I feel for the music is what has managed to be in this business for more than 20 years.

You’ve released quite a few singles and EPs over the years. When do you find yourself the most productive and inspired to produce?

There is no time or place, what I try to do is prepare myself physically and mentally for when the inspiration comes to lock me and when it happens I try to get as many ideas down as possible.

What artists are you most inspired by at the moment?

I’m always learning things or getting ideas from other artists. I think it’s great to have many sources of inspiration.

Being a well known producer and DJ for several years now you’ve traveled the world quite a bit. If you had to pick only one nightclub to DJ at for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

The list would be long but if I look back at the last years I would say Heart Miami. What I am able to do there rarely possible in many other clubs. When I get to play minimum 5 t0 6 hours I can do a proper DJ session where I have room to work with the crowd, and they also respond in a different and more receptive way. The club managers there are admirable and very good people too.

What are the most used music gear in your studio?

I have gone through many stages during my career and I have used all kinds of software, but Logic Pro X and Maschine NI are always with me.

We’re looking forward to see you play at New Guernica in Melbourne on the 15th of July. You’ve been to Australia once before in 2015, how was it?

It was a dream come true being able to tour in Australia. Getting booked over there is a big challenge but a great reward. I remember the people we’re always ready to dance and the country is really beautiful.

What are your plans after your Australian visit? Can you reveal any exciting upcoming music projects?

The next big thing coming is my new album that will be released on Stereo Production. It’ll be available in September and includes 9 tracks that represents my own unique sound – 100% groovy tech-house ready to hit the dance floors.

David Herrero will be playing in Melbourne this Saturday at New Guernica or in Sydney on Friday at The Burdekin Hotel. Wrap your ears around his sound and have a listen to his latest mix for Data Transmisson below:

WeLove #104 // 2nd B-Day with David Herrero // Friday 14.07.17 – Facebook Event

EAT the BEAT & Kontrast Collective presents: “David Herrero” – Facebook Event

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