Ancient Future 2017 – Celebrating Music in Montreal

Montreal has grown substantially as a music city over the years, with electronic music events like AIM, Abandoned, MUTEK, and Ancient Future growing more than ever. 2017 however is an extra special year for Montreal, it turns 375! But even though you can see some of its grey hairs, and its got some of that weird gross stuff around its mouth, it is winding back the clock and throwing parties left right and centre. Ancient Future is one of these huge events that all should take note of.

Ancient Future first started from humble beginnings 3 years ago from the dreams of event company, La Bacchanale. These guys are responsible for a huge chunk of the Montreal party scene (their Halloween party is one to watch). This years edition of the festival is a huge melting pot of acts from around the world, mixing genres Hip Hop, Techno, and House. Featuring close to 30 artists, from The Underachievers to Fritz Kalkbrenner live, from Mall Grab to Sam Paganini and Kevin Saunderson. This line up really does have it all for those who love music.

The festival’s location really is something special, held on an old pier in the middle of the old port of Montreal. Not only are there 3 stages, but one is inside an abandoned hangar. Combined with lights, performers, and incredible sets and stage design, Ancient Future is the last great festival of the Canadian summer.

But now onto the artists, Hip Hop is a new addition to the line up this year, and going straight to the top of new US talent is The Underachievers. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll be pumping the crowd with their latest album, Renaissance.

Then comes a few of my favourites, the ones I seriously can’t wait for them to pump out some tunes. Sam Paganini, Kevin Saunderson, and Victor Ruiz. Those three need no introduction in the electronic music world. They’ve been in the game for years and years, toured all over the world, and released on major worldwide records. These guys will be rocking all night long for sure.

Tickets are on sale now and are almost sold out. September 8 and 9 in Montreal! Get yo ass there.


Full schedule below:


17h00 » Obsolete Collective
19h00 » Mall Grab b2b Project Pablo
21h30 » Kevin Saunderson

18h00 » The Sount of Mint – Live
19H30 » Omar Souleyman – Live
21H00 » Kgoon w/ Zeina & Maky Lavender
22h00 » The Underachievers

21h00 » Kris Tin b2b Zepha
23h00 » Mike Larry – Live
00h00 » Atroxx
01h00 » Sam Paganini


15h00 » TGV Soundsystem
17h00 » Mad Rey
19h00 » Folamour
21h00 » Etienne de Crecy

présentée par Moto Made
14h00 » Blindd
17h00 » Rico shae
18h30 » Grandbuda – live
19h00 » Brown
20h00 » Hudson Mohawke
21H30 » Fritz Kalkbrenner – live

21h00 » Nymra & Sofisticated
23h00 » Eagles & Butterflies
00h30 » Johnny Trika – Live
01h30 » Victor Ruiz

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