Introducing: Plexus


Plexus is an event series and techno collective that has been accumulating a close following within Melbourne’s underground community ever since its first official launch in October of 2017. Held once a month on a Sunday night at the iconic music venue, Lounge, Plexus is a night that strives to demonstrate the immense level of talent that  Melbourne’s DJs and producers have to offer.

The ambitious project is the creation of Scott Jepsen and Olivia Jordan, who both had been previously involved with event promotion for the weekly ‘Power Station‘ night held at New Guernica nightclub for several years. Plexus had been a project in the works for a long time until now – They had originally attempted to launch a techno night back in 2016, but it unfortunately didn’t do that well. So they took a small hiatus from event planning and promotion for a while, went back to the drawing board, and returned with a brand new set of bigger and better ideas and concepts for an event.

After throwing around the idea of performing together as a duo for a while, upon some further reflection and consideration, both Scott and Olivia agreed that it would be much more worthwhile in the long run to create a new event series instead. These events were set to be heavily rooted in their ambition to bring forth fresh new techno – leaning towards the deeper and heavier styles of the genre – and would take place in the core of Melbourne’s CBD in a regular Sunday night session.

One of the main aims of Plexus was to be a platform to showcase new and upcoming talent: Giving a voice to those artists and acts who have had not had that much of a chance to perform in public yet, as well as booking those many other talented local DJs who often get overlooked by other events or promoters.

More importantly, Both Scott and Olivia wanted Plexus to become a safe and inclusive environment where anybody is welcome to express themselves freely. A night where club patrons could enjoy some music, hours of dancing, and bask in the friendly atmosphere – whilst also not tolerating any hate, bad vibes, or discrimination of any kind.

Now that it’s 2018 and they have several events under their belt, Scott and Olivia have expanded the core team to include 3 resident DJ’s for Plexus: Alexander Luc, Frederick Sexton, as well as Scott under his alias of ‘Discarnate‘. However, Olivia mentions that they consider every person that attends one their events to be a part of the team – since they wouldn’t be able to do any of the events without them.

Despite having only run for less than 6 months thus far, An impressive array of local acts have already been featured, with talents such as: Concealed, Hyper Binary, Nite Fleit, Blk Kvr, Edward Richards, Chiara Kickdrum [live], and several others. In January, Plexus had their first ever international headlining act, that of the highly regarded and well renown techno artist – Milton Bradley. And, over the next 12 months, many more international artists are scattered throughout the planned schedule: including 2 secret acts that are already lined up for the near future.

As for what’s on the horizon for Plexus currently: there’s a few potential ideas and projects that the team have been brainstorming over so far. However, the primary goal for right now is to work towards expanding the brand as they begin to gain more and more traction, as well as further improving upon and fostering a solid sense of community – both musically and socially.

Image credits:
– Artwork by Willderness
– Plexus logo by Jackson Ruan

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