Nick Hughes (AKA Twiki, pronounced twee-kee) started his interest the electronic music scene from various forms of electronic music that he was influenced by in London, Detroit and Europe.

He has played various venues and festivals and warehouse events in Melbourne and overseas with DJ sets and live hardware setups. With different soundscapes and groves of acid textures and synthetic sounds that wouldn’t necessarily be excepted into the mainstream club culture.

Recently he has started a new project with the focus on using only hardware in his live sets, creating sounds with slight imperfections and the rawness of experimentation.

“Sometimes using different hardware creates something unexpected and every live set is a remix of the individual stems that have been created; telling and journey from the start to the finish”

After moving back from overseas he found a love for music production and sound design working on various projects with film, sound design and helping other artists to contribute to the electronic music scene in Melbourne.

This mix is a collection of stems created just for Kontrast’s Mini-Mix series with a collection of hardware including a sampler, two drum machines and a couple of my favourite synthesizers.

We know you love your analog gear. Tell us a few of your choice pieces and which ones you like to use the most?

My favourites in my synths in my collection would have to be the Roland TB303 – it’s really simple to program but I love the glide and sometimes I combine it with a Moog ladder filter running from my Moog Sub Phatty which in turn is running with a Moog delay. You can create some really interesting soundscapes with just the two synths together in layers .

My favourites for drums would be the Roland TR808 and TR909 infused with the Roland TR606, they would have to be my three favourite drum machines created having owned them many years ago. I’ve changed over to the ACB version with the TR8 that sounds just as good and love using the Elektron RYTHM – their soundscapes are amazing added together.

Your dreadlocks are well formed and look like you’ve had them a while. How long have you had them and what’s your maintenance routine?

I’ve had my dreads for about 10 years and it’s crazy to think about it now how long I’ve had them for. They could’ve been longer but I have been performing my own haircuts.

I’m using a locking technique that is used in Jamaica and Africa with maintenance with a special combination of organic oils and raw sea salts. Also living next to the beach helps with the sea air.

What music do you wish was being played more in the club and what about it do you find appealing?

I’m open minded when it comes to music and prefer something that isn’t confirming to the mainstream soundscape. I’m always inspired by something that is breaking the boundaries. But I’ve always loved techno with the pinch of acidic baseline, it’s something about it that has me always fascinated me and gets me moving instantly.

KONTRAST COLLECTIVE is a group of creative spirits who loves to combine raw sounds, dark, thumping beats and intense, edgy musical experiences with extraordinary visual elements in an experimental and innovative way. Apart from organising events we love to shine light on Australia’s best upcoming and veteran DJ’s. The twelfth round of the KONTRAST Mini-Mix  Series will run from June 6th to 27th, with an exclusive podcast from each artist along with a short interview to get to know them better.

Mini-Mix Series #12:

#12.1 – June 6 – ANDÜ
#12.2 – June 13 – VOLF
#12.3 – June 20 – BLK KVR
#12.4 – June 27 – NICK HUGHES

To learn more about KONTRAST Collective check out their Facebook Page. Listen to the previous mini-mix series on their Soundcloud.

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