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Scott Freedman is a true veteran of the Melbourne music scene, who made his name as owner operator of Scattered Industries between 1997 and 2006, bringing a multitude of the world’s finest acts to over 50 events.

As a DJ Scott established his reputation under his former alias ‘Ruckus’, with residencies at seminal events and club nights such as Hardware, Two Tribes, Pharmacy and Lounge. After an extended break, he made a long awaited return to the circuit, shaping a trademark intricacy of layering and sampling, traversing the spectrum of techno soundscapes.

In 2015 Scott teamed up with local Melbourne legend Dave Juric, with the two coming together to form Mahala. From humble beginnings as a platform to share the music they love, it has organically grown into a podcast and events series. A groundbreaking first year introduced the likes of AFFKT, Marc Marzenit, Paul Hazendonk, Wankelmut, Alex Kidd, Nick Hoppner, Pepperpot, Jody Wisternoff and James Curd.

Scott is a mainstay for those at the forefront of Australia’s electronic music scene. As a regular fixture for Hardware, Darkbeat, Thick as Thieves, Stable Music and virtually every club in Melbourne including the iconic Revolver, My Aeon and Pawn & Co amongst many others. He’s supported a list of internationals any accomplished DJ would envy.

Handpicked for Carl Cox’s inaugural Pure festival as one of only two locals to play main stage as well as playing a number of international and interstate gigs. On top of this 2017 saw Scott take over the Melbourne institution My Aeon as their booking manager, joined the R&S over at the ‘In Order To Dance” team from Belgium as well as Dancecode from France. This is proof that Scott is a main player of not only the dance music scene in Australia but on a global scale as well.

Your DJ career has spanned across several years now with many great performances on your merit list. Can you pick out a couple that noticeably stands out, and tell us why?

Obviously the first will stick with me which was at dream nightclub in Carlton. The thing that stands out to me the most was how bad I was (haha!). The most recent set that stands out I have to say is the Day Spa gig I did for this past season. I was playing with my bro Dave Juric and it was amazing set, where I got to turn on my house side to an absolutely insane crowd was just immense. Also being able to travel and DJ has been really great, for example just this week I’m playing at the half moon festival.

Please tell us the story of your old DJ name?

I used to play under the name Ruckus from 1998 until 2006. Ruckus means noise and noise is music so that’s what it came from.

Over your time you’ve seen a lot of DJs come and go – what do you think keeps a DJ relevant and what do you think is the main reason people stop DJing?

I think relevance it’s all about being versatile and understanding your audience. Playing to your crowd and not just for you. Obviously you have to retain your sense of self as an artist but for me this is the most important factor.

The lifestyle is also another factor, as it’s very hard to maintain it over a sustained amount of time. People move on with partners, families etc and that balance can be hard to keep up if you want to have a great DJ career as well.

KONTRAST COLLECTIVE is a group of creative spirits who loves to combine raw sounds, dark, thumping beats and intense, edgy musical experiences with extraordinary visual elements in an experimental and innovative way. Apart from organising events we love to shine light on Australia’s best upcoming and veteran DJ’s. The fifteenth round of the KONTRAST Mini-Mix Series will run from February 6th to 27th, with an exclusive podcast from each artist along with a short interview to get to know them better.

Mini-Mix Series #15:

#15.1 – February 6 – ANDREW WOWK
#15.2 – February 13 – SCOTT FREEDMAN
#15.3 – February 20 – DJ BAZERK
#15.4 – February 27 – EDDIE EXAMPLE

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