Firstly its pronounced Who Knows… I know, clever right? Anyway, house is such a broad term these days, thrown around like an old toy handed down to your sister’s husband’s second cousin, twice removed, whom you’ve only seen once (or did you just hear about them), but still that toy gets around. Whono’s music blog grabs the inspiration from a whole bunch of DJs with different house music styles. Tech, deep, funk, commercial, pop, some minimal, even a bit of those Melbourne bangers you know so much about, the ones that go do do di da da boom ba da, you know. So if you like house in general, electronic music, or just a specific type of club tune, Whono’s music will probably have some, most, or all of it.

Check out the new music tab for newly released tracks, or just click on a specific genre. Mixtapes are released more often than a teenage boy doing his thing in a home alone for the weekend, so we’ve chosen the best ones we think, and a few of our own for you to judge yourself. Drop us a line, or submit a tune to get some airplay, either way, we are open to chat and talk shit.

A blog made in Australia, and a few other places around the world.



Whono’s Music Blog
Founded July 2013